The Mystery of Creative People

event producers
tooting our own horn

A client turned, as he was leaving the creative production meeting, he smiled and looked over at me (Rob was talking:) and said, “I don’t understand half of what Rob was talking about but I love your creativity, event production knowledge and your unbridled passion! I have never been so confident that the event will go off as planned and in a more spectacular way than ever before!”

We are humbled by the confidence that this client extends to us and we are so very grateful that this collective group of people have the ability to enjoy the process of creativity for its own sake.

That got me thinking …creative collaboration is an art and it can make some people uneasy, especially when others laugh, or ridicule, their ideas. Luckily, I stumbled on a blog post, “Understanding Creative People”, by JULIET BRUCE, PH.D. This is a great brainstorming tool to share in the classroom, or boardroom, to help support creativity instead of stifling it.

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