The Experience of Doing

event production Over the weekend, we found ourselves sitting in the audience, instead of entertaining it.

The room was dressed in black and white with 1500 guests arriving to be wined, dined and entertained.  The room was simple but elegant with a basic stage design, pipe and drape, two screens, stage lighting, a podium, a microphone and stacked speakers.

Everything seemed perfect, until we heard scrambling coming from the production table ten feet away.  Seems that no one had printed out the show flow with the production cue’s for the presentation portion of the evening.

Our hearts went out to the poor tech that was ordered to figure out how to find a computer, printer and paper, on a Saturday night.

He did, with less than 10 minutes to spare and the show went off as planned … but that’s not really the point.

Due to the lack of preparation, multiple people aged in unison.

Producing an event is stressful enough and details can and do get overlooked …  for some strange reason.

We’re not reinventing the wheel here … the parts and pieces of an event production have very specific details that are constant and need to be covered.

According to our beloved technical producer, who loves to freelance on other event gigs … it’s just not so … event production chaos is on the upswing.

After decades of producing events, we swear by one simple event production rule … elect ONE central figure-head, an event manager-producer, who steers the production from the creative development of the theme, to the minute by minute timing of the final production.

Until next time!

event producers